28 January 2015

MYOB Advanced, the company's first cloud ERP solution for mid-sized businesses

MYOB is bringing the benefits of innovative cloud technology to larger Australian and New Zealand businesses with the announcement of its latest ERP solution, MYOB Advanced.

MYOB Advanced is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed for mid-to-large companies. The innovative cloud product complements MYOB's existing EXO solution – the established on-premise leader in the mid-range market. The introduction of MYOB Advanced now expands MYOB's suite of solutions for mid – sized businesses to three; MYOB Advanced, MYOB EXO and MYOB PayGlobal.

MYOB Advanced has been built out over the last 18-months by its locally-based development team, reflecting the company's ongoing commitment to its existing suite of ERP, HR and Payroll products, as well as releasing new cloud offerings.

"MYOB Advanced is designed to help larger businesses think bigger, with a range of cloud-enabled features to streamline customer interaction and equip staff with the tools to operate effectively and productively – wherever they are," says Andrew Birch, MYOB General Manager of Industry Solutions.

"The benefits to businesses are not only in terms of the convenience and functionality of the product. Research has shown that once a company is using a cloud solution, use of the ERP system by employees rises from just over half to almost two-thirds – offering enormous gains in efficiency and productivity."

The product is based on a solution developed by US company Acumatica, the powerhouse provider of cloud-based ERP and financial software with over 1, 000 installations of cloud ERP. Late last year, MYOB announced it had taken a minority stake in Acumatica, with a seat on the company's board.

Mr Birch says the priorities of business owners when moving to the cloud were a key consideration during the product's development. These priorities include functionality and cost, security, consistently high service levels and data sovereignty.

In recognition of their need for a safe, dependable local service, Amazon Web Services (AWS) was chosen to be the local hosts for MYOB Advanced.

"AWS is pleased that MYOB's enterprise customers will be benefitting from the flexibility, security and agility of the AWS cloud. We are delighted to be working with MYOB on this new cloud-enabled ERP solution", said Glenn Gore, Head of Technology, APAC.

As well as leading-edge performance, MYOB Advanced also offers a wide-range of features focused on the real-world needs of businesses.

The product offers a lightning fast universal database search of the whole business, a distribution suite which allows customers to search inventory and make and track orders, as well as streamlining activities like pricing. Productivity tools for staff enable them to enter expenses on the fly – even in foreign currencies – and access the businesses CRM suite from wherever they are, with seamless synchronisation of contacts, tasks appointments and emails. MYOB Advanced will also soon include an iPhone app, so users can access the solution anytime and anywhere on their smart device.

With the largest ERP partner channel across Australia and New Zealand, MYOB partners are implementing Advanced into their business infrastructure, with additional new partners excited by the opportunity to sell cloud ERP.

Mr Birch says the strong take-up of MYOB's cloud accounting solutions across the Australasian market is directly driving continued growth for the company.

"We look forward to seeing even greater take-up of our products across the mid-market, as larger enterprises embrace the benefits of cloud and the opportunities for greater staff and customer engagement through the use of a state-of-the-art ERP system."

MYOB Advanced is available now through EXOBIZ.